- I met Kathleen in Alaska, in the Fall of 1993 -

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I was hanging out in the courtyard at UAA (University of Alaska, Anchorage) with The 408 Posse.  Kathleen & her friend, Jerri, were walking around, singing, laughing & handing out some delicious Belgian chocolates...

"Tales of The Hype, Year 3"

October, 2003- I met Kathleen at 't zand square in Bruges, Belgium.  It was from this location 10 years ago, that Kathleen mailed me a picture, which ended up being my 1st impressions of Europe. -GEOhype, Alaska



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Alaska, 1993  |  Photographer: Geo!


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The only known picture of just the 2 of us.

McHugh Creek, Alaska 1993  |  Photographer: Burrell (408 Posse member)


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The last supper with Russian exchange student, Anita

#401 UAA dorm room, 1993  |  Photographer: Jerri