"Jules, the next time you decide
to do something so hilarious, like
with those fake teeth, please
make sure I don't have a mouthful
of Polish Vodka, okay?"


I remember the game of truth or dare we played at the bar, where the barman was trying to look like he wasn't listening!  No
messing around boys, let's get straight into the questions!!  I remember, pulling up at the hostel at 5:55am - just in time to start
work.  6am to noon, this shift is hell.  I should have taken the option of the mountains instead, because I remember the boys
deciding it would be funny if they threw me in the pool, fully clothed - uugghh, wet jeans!
-Dina Szylit, Australia

Backpackers: Luke Simon & Jules Lund of Australia  |  Location: Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photo By: Dina Szylit, Australia