I can still remember the weekend 14 crazy Arizona pilots came to the hostel.
It was a bunch of European guys & a carload of beautiful Texas girls.

We partied at the hostel, in the streets
of downtown San Diego & had the time of our
lives, when 25 of us went to Mexico for the night.

"The real drama came afterwards,
when it took us 2 hours to do a simple 15
minute walk back to the US border."

Finlay, The Canadian, didn't make it back to
the hostel 'til 2pm the next afternoon!

Tijuana, Mexico
...it was much different here...
Bon Fires
Hodad's Burger Joint

Bjorn Rhody

The Porch

Juan Cruz

A month or so later, it happened again, but on a different level.  This time around, it was a church group from Canada.
The girls were the biggest flirts & the guys were just as cool.  They were
young, however, the couple of nights we spent
together left the most bizarre impression on me.  Easter Sunday, The Leap of Faith, Joe's Crab Shack & going
to the cinema to see: "Time Machine" with the youth pastor, Chris Banas.

Fabienne Aebi of Switzerland told me that "it was much different here...".  Yes, Fabienne, it really was.  I believe I saw
a side of The Hype that I didn't think existed.  Cooking dinner, slumber parties, midnight bike rides, playing Robin Hood with
Seaworld & watching 23 Irish lads & lassies sing their way to a soccer victory during the World Cup"Olė, Olė, Olė, Olė...
Olė.  Olė.  We're all part of Jackie's army, we're all off to Italy...  And we'll really shake them up when we
win the World Cup, cause Ireland is the greatest fütball team!"
-Geo D. Oliver, Alaska

The PHOTOteam
...Alan was a skater kid from Mexico...
Mexican Skater
So, I wanna tell you about my 1st days in OB... -Mike Winter, USA
Mike Winter

The PHOTOhype Crew presents: Cliff Jumping at Ocean Beach
Cliff Jumping
It was like returning home, without actually having ever being there...
Beach Adventures

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