Geo Photography - Packed Magazine
5 questions & answers with Photographer: Geo D. Oliver about his travels in  [ Packed Magazine ]


Backpacker magazine - Ireland and The UK

1st published article about Photographer: Geo D. Oliver including the cover of Backpacker Magazine [ 1st page ][ 2nd page ][ 3rd page ]


The Flying Pig Backpackers Hostels in Amsterdam - eZine no. 4
Photographer: Geo D. Oliver writes an article for [ The Flying Pig e-Zine #4 ]


moon art gallery - bruges, belgium

Article in Dutch/Flemish language about Geo's photography on [ Moon Art Gallery ] e-Zine.


Fotografia drogi - Total Fun Magazine, Poland
Polish language article about American road drifters & Geo D. Oliver inside [ Total Fun Magazine ]


backpacker films
Article about backpacker films & The Point of Travelling photography exhibition on [ ]


Automatik Live at Prozak discotheque in Krakow, Poland.  Featuring The Point of Travelling photography exhibition
The Point of Travelling opening party @ [ Prozak discotheque ] in Krakow, Poland


article about the point of travelling - krakow, budapest and trains
Geo's 1st written travel article published in Packed Magazine's [ August/September 2006 ]


article about Krakow, Poland - nightlife, rynek kazimierz clubs pubs discotheques
Geo's article about the city he loves.  Published in Packed Magazine [ March/April 2007 ]


Adelina Krupski [ The Krakow POST ] writes an article about PHOTOhype's 10yr. anniversary


[ ] writes in their NEWS feed about PHOTOhype's 10yr anniversary bash at Pozytywka


Kabul Backpackers Hostel - Barcelona, Spain
The hostel flyer for Kabul Backpackers [ front & back ] in Barcelona, Spain.  This Geo inspired design includes text, original
PHOTOhype images of Barcelona & the impressive wall mural at the [ entrance of Kabul youth hostel ].


[ click on a flyer for a bigger view ]


The [ February 2007 ] cover shot of Student Traveler magazine (USA)



The PHOTOhype Project - If you ever forget the point of travelling, then this is a reminder of what it's all about.