"San Francisco: The Journey into Destiny"


The Natural Café…

On the way 2 San Francisco, Paul suggested that we stop by The Natural Café in Goleta, California (Santa Barbara). Paul met this former student @ The Brooks Institute of Photography & she filled his head with all kinds of cool stories from her days as a waitress @ The Natural Café.   Talk about a sales pitch, this girl went on & on about The Natural Café, which gave me the illusion of a paradise not found.  From the gorgeous down 2 earth waitresses, 2 the Avocado burger that Paul must try.  Evidentially, this place had it all.  Upon our arrival, we had high expectations the second we stepped foot into the establishment.  Paul analyzed the menu. Bobbi scoped out the area, while I checked out the waitresses.

“Impressive…” I thought.

It isn’t that often that a placed, event or person completely matches up 2 its reputation.  However, when it came time 4 The Natural Café 2 have its moment of judgment, surprisingly, it passed with flying colours.

Bobbi, our New Zealand buddy & tour guide into San Francisco, opened up a discussion about a restaurant scene in a particular romantic comedy/thriller/drama.   Bobbi & I decided 2 act out the hilarious scene as Paul, the director, would call cut 2 tell us what we were doing wrong.  I think Paul was about 2 fire me when this waitress steps up 2 the plate.

“So, which one of you were referred 2 us?”

Paul’s response came in pure delight, with an accent so smooth, that I am beginning 2 wonder if I’ll have that same glow, when The PHOTOhype Project goes 2 Europe.  Paul charmed his way right into this girl’s heart & in the eyes of a pro, she blushed right into oblivion.   A small sparkle of a diamond ring glared into Paul’s face.  A hidden remark was clearly announced & on our way out, we passed a jar, which read:

“Good tippers make good lovers…”

Jeepers, never knew I was such a great tipper.

The Post St. Posse...

It was a little past nightfall, when we arrived into a city like no other town or county in the state of California.  “So, this is San Francisco…” I thought.  Our first stop was at the home of a group of Gen-Xer’s known as The Post St. Posse.

There, Bobbi introduced Paul & I 2 her long time friend, Sandi & the rest of their roommates who make up The Post St. Posse.  Sandi passed a little love 2 both Paul & I - it was only a hug & a warm kiss.

"That's where the bond was made..."

Post St. Posse.JPG (25744 bytes)

Similar 2 the atmosphere lived inside of a hostel environment; The Post St. Posse didn’t create any barriers 4 Paul & I 2 climb over.  That night, we all went 2 this far out house party (DJ, dancing, the whole nine yards), which carried on until the break of dawn.

4am - Paul & I struggled 2 locate The Green Tortoise Hostel, as the streets of San Francisco look very similar in the dead of night.  We took a left & a right.  Another left followed another right & another right meant that we were lost.  Up & down the hills we went.  A turn here & a turn there.  Suddenly, we stumbled across a dark & eerie street of dim lit lights & steamed gushing potholes.  Immediately, a shot came into focus, but the battery life on The Super Flash 2000 was absolutely dry.  3 shots remained on my roll of Fiji film & Paul was tired, cold & surely not ready 2 become immortalized