"These two are such unique
characters, so distinct from one
another & yet they can both make
me feel exactly the same."

Emma AndrewsBrighton
PHOTOhype.com, England


When Mike is around, people are always laughing.  He knows how to have fun & he has got a real deep respect for other people.
He'll find something good in everyone that he will base a good friendship on.  Stoly, although he's not my biological brother,
is the one other person, besides Mike that I have ever EVER met that really knew exactly which buttons to press to wind me up.
Yet, as with Mike, within minutes we are laughing or have gotten to the root of the problem.  They are both my brothers
(blood/Norwegian) & the amount of love I have for them is uncountable.
  -Emma Andrews, UK

Written By: Emma Andrews, England  |  Location: The Beach Night Club  |  Photo By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska