The 7yr old girl who entered my life when all of my friends were off in relationships or simply not
available.  It is a shame that the photographs below represent all of my memories of Zara.

She was the new kid in town & didn't make that many friends.
I can still remember the day she dragged me into her room to play Nintendo
(which ended up being an old Atari game system).  She didn't even know
the difference.  The next day, I gave her my Super Nintendo.  I spent
so much time with Zara that we ended up being best friends.

Zara (Alaska, 1994)


Alaska Zara.JPG (10663 bytes)

Kinko's, The Discovery Zone, Disney store, skiing, bike rides, the magical Goose Lake adventure & I will never forget video taping Zara's first Halloween at The Dimond Mall in Anchorage, Alaska.


Alaska Zara & Velamira.JPG (21911 bytes)             Alaska Zara Halloween 2.JPG (18059 bytes)

Zara & her mom (Alaska, 1994)                                  Zara, Brittany & Geo! (Halloween, 1994)


Before Zara's first Halloween (1994), I ran into her during the
filming of:
"A Day in the Life of The Hype".

An hour long documentary style video that  followed hype-
crusader, Anthony Appel, & The Hype's co-founder, Roy Garcia,
thru a wild ride in the town of Anchorage.
  Over 100 old & new
friends of The Hype make guest appearances in the video.

PHOTO: Zara at Value Village in Anchorage, Alaska

Zara on Video.JPG (24122 bytes)


Zara's Book of Faces.JPG (21104 bytes)

Before going home to Bulgaria (May, 1995), Zara gave
me a book of her many different facial expressions
to remember her by.
I know that may sound sweet, but
I am trying to figure out where on earth was
The PHOTOhype Project back then?

  In a true tale that will never go untold, I dropped out of Photo One class on the 1st day of school.  I really
missed out on so many great shots of so many wonderful people, that I most likely will never see again.
I was given a second chance & for that, I am forever thankful.
-Geo D. Oliver, Alaska