It was one of those unplanned, spontaneous outings…

It was a busy night for The LVBP & we decided late, at about midnight just to take a stroll down to
the Fremont St. Experience.  About 20 of us went & the atmosphere was steaming.  Then, without warning
Rick Halligan, a classic Mancunian with the gift of the gab, began talking Mike (Mike Andrews) up

  Ladies & Gentlemen!

"For your pleasure here this
evening, all the way from the south
of England, usually performing in
the Bellagio, but here for you tonight,
the one & only, Mikey Mike!"


This went on while we made a circle around Mike who placed his beer in the middle of the floor & began limbering up.
By now a crowd had begun to form, people were happy to follow suit & join in our cheering & show of interest.

Finally after a huge crowd had congregated, Mike with a final swish of his arms took a run
up, leapt into a less than elegant forward roll, picked up his beer & began drinking amidst roars
of cheer.  Admittedly, mainly from us but the crowd followed suit more than willingly.

Not in the least overwhelmed he repeated his fine act encouraged further by
one woman who persuaded him to go topless.  The same woman got his sock
draped provocatively over one shoulder accompanied by a wink!

"Coins began to be thrown & in
one final act of bravado, he bared the crack
of his bum & that was it..."

  The security guards that had been holding back watching & waiting pounced, their attack justified.
While Mike good naturedly apologized trying to persuade them it was all in good humour, Gins & I ran
about collecting all the proceeds.  $15 in 15 minutes we calculated.  Not bad for absolutely nothing.

German Friends

Siobahn & Jocelyn

Written By: Emma Andrews, England  |  Mike Andrews, The LVBP & others @ The Fremont St. Experience  |  Web Site: