I was the only official photographer @ The LVBP.
Once in a while, I'd meet PHOTOgirl, [ KODAKgirl ], FUJIboy,
or [ someone else ].  We were an inspiration to each other.

"We were the backbone that created
this bizarre world of mixed
emotions & certified PHOTOtrips."

Do you remember the guy who picked you up
from the Greyhound?
What about the guy who checked
you in & took you on an amazing Limo Tour?  That's
right.  It was that photographer who captured your life
on film & that photographer who drove you
to [ The Grand Canyon ] around eight
o'clock in the morning.

All of which, made up the elements of the greatest
PHOTOadventure of my life & we talked all about it
every Sunday afternoon, when I drove the shuttle
back to Los Angeles.
-Geo D. Oliver, Alaska


click here for more info on Photographer: GEOhype  Photo By: Claudia Mandlik, Germany