Geo D. Oliver began his photographic journey in 1997,
after falling in love with the life & people he met during his first
visit to a youth hostel.  The then aspiring actor abandoned
his Hollywood dreams to photograph the backpacker
world and the life of hostel travellers.

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On the 1st of February 2000, Geo launched The web site to document his travels & to piece together his
vision of the hostelling world.  On the 20th of September 2003, Geo opened his 1st photography exhibition: The Point of Travelling
at Café La Fête in Maasmechelen, Belgium.  At least 75 photographs make up Geo's exhibition about backpackers & hostel travellers.
In January 2006, Geo launched PHOTOhype BOOKS with his 1st limited edition book: Photographs of an Unwritten Future.
In 2007, during Geo's 10yr. anniversary with photography, & Geo distributed 18,000 postcards in Europe
via the Outrageous Bus.  In 2009, Geo completed the first draft of his first feature film script with the incorporation of
PHOTOhype FILMS. So, if you ever forget the point of travelling, then this is a reminder of what it is all about.

Photographer: Geo D. Oliver can be contacted on his mobile phone in Europe: +353 86 059 4994  |  E-mail address:
PHOTO: Geo & a few architecture students from  St. Lukas University in Ghent, Belgium 2003  |  Photo By: Elle Rosier, Belgium