"September 10th was the only night we saw everything on The Limo Tour.  The guys were filled with "Dutch Courage",
Geo was being "Geo" & some English girl kept lifting up [ The Kilt ].
  Everyone, including myself, was so full of life that
night.  No one could of predicted that all of that was about to change in just a matter of hours..."
-Justin Lyons, UK


September 10th, it was the end of summer,
a Monday night & supposedly, my final Limo Tour.
I was fulfilling my Vegas dreams at The LVBP with
backpackers & staff members like
& Justin Lyons of Scotland.

"We had 3 limos & 6 bottles of
champagne to ignite The Hype & a
wicked @ss night in Vegas!"

We cruised down the strip & saw the famous
welcome to fabulous Las Vegas sign.  We sung a
few songs at The Piano Bar & danced alongside the
70's disco band: Boogie Knights.  We rode the
monorail  to the flower garden & awed over
[ The Fountains of Bellagio ].

Geo D. Oliver of Alaska

Ric Higgins of USA

Chris Apgar of Canada
Chris Apgar

Then, we saw a volcano erupt, before ending the tour at The Venetian Hotel, where the backpackers made human
pyramids & danced the night away inside The Beach Night Club.  Chris Apgar of Canada was flying to San Francisco the
next day.  The English Girls said we'd meet again, sometime next summer in The UK.  Curt & Marjorie, was driving to
Los Angeles in the morning & I was off to Alaska in less than a week...  Or, so I thought.
-Geo D. Oliver, Alaska

the flower garden at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino
Flower Garden

The Sign


James Cripps of England & Kristy Ladzik of Australia  |  Vegas Wedding
The English Girls
English Girls
The Pub & Brewery Night Club inside the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino
Pub & Brewery


Written By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska & Justin Lyons of Scotland  |  The Limo Tour on September 10th, 2001  |  Photographs By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska