Geo- When I got to Café La Fête for the
1st time after the exhibition was gone, it really
left an empty feeling in my stomach.

"No more English speaking
people, no more stories to exchange,
no more Duvel drinking Paul's,
no more cooking Elmo's..."

Jan AlbrechtsMaasmechelen, Belgium, The Magazine


No more herb smoking Tavis's, no more "bored" looking Swedish guys, no more always laughing
Inga's & Ragna's
& of course there's Alice, who travelled 11 hours to come all the way to our small municipality.
In the end, there was just you, Noëmi, myself & some others who stayed behind with that feeling,
that liberating feeling of the travelling vibe...
-Jan Albrechts, Belgium

Travellers: Jan Albrechts, Belgium & Alice Keating, Austria  |  Café La Fête in Maasmechelen, Belgium  |  Photo By: GEOhype, Alaska