GEOhype & The LVBP!

"For a long time, I thought
that The LVBP was a hostel in
Vegas, near the Fremont
St. Experience"


I later realized that The LVBP was the collective spirit of world travellers - different by nature, yet similar in thought.
They were a social blend of inspiration for those on the go.  From stranger to forever friend, the travellers who created
The LVBP lived the life & experienced the energy & feeling of something I call: The Hype!
-GEOhype, Alaska

Backpackers: Geo D. Oliver, Amy Grierson, Crystal McFadden, Virginia Hawkins, John Stonell, Kelly Payne & Rick Halligan
The Piano Bar @ Times Square inside NY NY hotel & casino  |  Photograph By: Philippe Serge of Switzerland