"America Beware."
Written By: J.Rená Yarbrough of California


America Beware, the enemy is in the house
Trying to destroy what America is all about

We should all feel attacked, even wounded in a way
That someone thought to kill so many in a day.

We should all be in a state of alert.  Be watchful as you pray
Black, white, whatever kind of American you may be
We will stand or fall as one, we're from sea to shining sea.

It's time to love one another, because disaster doesn't ring a bell
This slap in the face is no accident, it's deliberate, we can tell

It's time for us to stand guard of the country we possess
This act of war really happened, it's not a movie or a test

We, who are Americans, must agree to stand tall
For together we stand and divided we fall

We must fight for our freedom.  Not just one but us all
There's a 911 emergency in America
Who will answer the call?

     -J.Rená Yarbrough-  


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