Bruges is a magical little
town straight out of the
history pages of medieval
Europe.  During the day, it's
Belgium's most visited city
& at night, there's a deep
dark mysterious aura
surrounding every cobble
stone road & town
square.  The Bauhaus
had 2 cool bars, an
Internet cafe & a wicked
photography gallery
that was showing the
work of Bosnian world
press photographer:
Ziyah Gafic.

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The Bauhaus
Bruges, Belgium

Langestraat 135
8000 Bruges, Belgium

Tel: +32 (0)50 341 093
FAX: +32 (0)50 334 180

Web Site:

Photographs By:
GEOhype, Alaska
Erica Mueller, USA

The Bauhaus main bar on a Tuesday afternoon