"They checked into the
Bauhaus & didn't even take their
bags to their rooms until at least 4hrs.
20 beers & 240 minutes later!"

What a group of characters these guys were.
Always buying everybody drinks & always
taking the piss out of each other...
Last Shot

Erica Mueller

DJ Paul


"You're sh*t & you know you are!" is what they constantly sang on their last night @ The Bauhaus.  Absolutely brilliant!
These English guys were a damn good laugh & yes, it did feel a bit awkward when 8 Jupilers & one Coke would land
on our table.  Jeepers, true believer, take a wild guess at which drink was mine.
-Geo D. Oliver, Alaska

Written By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska  |  Bauhaus Youth Hostel    Langestraat 133-135    Bruges, Belgium
Phone: +32 (0)50 34 10 93  |  Web Site: www.Bauhaus.be  |  Photo By: GEOhype, Alaska