Bitch & Hick's Vegas Vacation.
E-mail: Cara Robinson & Carla Philpott of Australia


St. Patrick's Day, 2000-

After capturing this signature LVBP photograph, I tried 2 walk 2 the other side.  Along the way, I tripped over a girls arm...


"Don't trip over me, unless you plan on introducing yourself?"  -Cara Robinson

After a very cheesy & informal introduction from me, she replies: "Well, my name is Cara, but you can call me Bitch!"  Wowzers!  Is that certified coolness or what?

  Backpackers: Cara Robinson & Carla Philpott (center) captured here in this historic LVBP original photograph.  

The next day, Cara, her best friend, Carla, & I hit "The Vegas Strip" in search of adventure.  Speaking of adventures, Cara, an Australian, wasn't 2 pleased with all the publicity I gave The Adventures of Josh & Jules (Australians as well).  We joked about it 4 a while, until I decided 2 do a PHOTOstory on them.

Carla's neck had a huge mark on it, that wasn't there last night.  So, I nicknamed her "Hick".



LV Bitch & Hick Las Vegas.jpg (32153 bytes)                 LV Bitch & Hick Luxor.JPG (20769 bytes)

Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada                  The Luxor Hotel & Casino

LV Bitch & Hick photo op.JPG (23495 bytes)

Photo Opportunity

LV Bitch & Hick inside NY NY.jpg (29291 bytes)

Inside New York, New York Hotel & Casino


LV Bitch & Hick tower.JPG (21535 bytes)         LV Bitch & Hick Caesar's.JPG (24234 bytes)         LV Bitch & Hick Guns.JPG (21988 bytes)

Paris, Las Vegas                             Caesar's Palace                                  Posing On The Strip!


LV Bitch & Hick NY 6.jpg (30015 bytes)    Quote Bitch & Hick.jpg (24213 bytes)

Cara "Bitch" Robinson (Black top)  &  Carla "Hick" Philpott (Pink top)


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