The Beach Night Club.

June 9th...

I hooked up with this bachelorette party from Santa Rosa.  All the girls were cool, flirtatious & taken (boyfriends lurking about).  My mood swing is always geared towards flirting & crusading for The Hype, however, talking & dancing with "taken women" is a direct violation by any bachelor's standards, especially mine.

"Radio DJ, Tom Leykis, would refer
to this as being a total waste of my time,
unless I am looking for trouble."

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Anyway, one of the girls, Taryn, felt a strong attraction towards me & told me so.  She even told me about her boyfriend & said that she would totally understand if I decided to leave. But, I didn't.  I decided to hang around.  However, leaving is the option that I would've liked to have chosen, because dealing with "taken women" guarantees that you will NOT receive 100% of the attention that you would get from a free spirit single chick.  Being the flirt that I am, I was attracted to Taryn.  Nice body, face & a killer personality.  That's usually all you need.  However, it's when you hang around all night dancing, laughing & sharing a few drinks, that the conversation begins to go a little deeper than first expected.

No matter how much fun Taryn & I had, somehow, I knew that once she gave me that hug good night, it really meant good-bye. There were plenty of times throughout the night, where Taryn could've blew me off, but no, she insisted that I follow.  She even asked me to leave my car at The Beach, so that I could cruise in the taxi with her friends. Hm, maybe she was just looking for another person to pitch in on the fare...

Anyways, as the crowds of the clubs began to die out, so did the energy that managed to keep all of us together.  It was around 4am when I met up with Taryn & her friends at Club RA in The Luxor Hotel.  We decided not to go in, but the mellow mood swing that powered a down to earth conversation managed to bring the night to an exhausting end.  The girls walked on, as Taryn & I doodled around for something to say.  "Thanks for being cool."   She opened with a smile.  Then, Taryn gave me two wonderful hugs to close the night, the friendship & simply to say...



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Dance the night away with your favorite Top 40 dance hits...


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Having nothing but a good time: Marlies Hug of Germany with Emma Andrews of England


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When you hear the fog horns, watch out, it's Confetti Time!


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Girls of The Canadian Group, taking shots from local lifeguard, Daniel Cheatham


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