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When I first met Emma, it was during an overnight trip 2 The USAhostels in downtown San Diego.  I had just stepped out of my dorm room, when Emma pokes her smiling face around the corner...

"Would 'cha like me to make
you breakfast?"

Now that, true believer, is certified coolness!


LV Emma & Staale pool.JPG (21930 bytes)         LV Emma & Staale Corona's HALF.jpg (23979 bytes)

(L)    Emma (in the hammock) & Ståle Knutsen sorting out paperwork

(R)    Ståle & Emma enjoy a couple Corona's at our St. Patrick's Day Party


Quote Emma & Marlies.jpg (26071 bytes)

Marlise Hug of Germany & Emma at The Beach Nite Club


LV The Beach Shawn & Emma.jpg (23492 bytes)         LV GEO at The Beach.JPG (19132 bytes)

(L)    GHP SUPERmodel: Shawn Trotman & Emma at The Beach Nite Club

(R)    Angela (Switzerland), Emma & I at The Beach Nite Club (Photo By: Shawn Trotman)


LV 3 Musketeers office.JPG (25419 bytes)        LV 3 Musketeers theatre.JPG (18159 bytes)

The 3 Musketeers Management Team


LV 3 Musketeers Zion.jpg (33765 bytes)

The 3 Musketeers, again!


LV Zion Lodge Emma.jpg (28564 bytes)        LV ZION LUNCH LAUGH.jpg (29816 bytes)

Lunch with Virginia at the lodge in Zion National Park


LV Emma Mexico 1.jpg (17463 bytes)        LV Emma Mexico 2.jpg (19843 bytes)



LV BBQ party.JPG (27942 bytes)        LV BBQ pool group.JPG (25710 bytes)

(L)    Emma & Virginia, among friends at Tracey's $525.00 BBQ Party

(R)   Tracey's BBQ Party: Virginia, Alex, Shawn, Emma & Kylie


LV Emma & Staale.jpg (22793 bytes)        LV Virginia & Emma Karaoke.jpg (23634 bytes)

   The 2 Managers                                 "Sunshine" & "Giggles"


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