4 some odd reason, a lot of travellers confused the identities between Shawn & I (Geo).  Maybe, it was because we were both actors or simply just cool looking dudes...  Doubt it.

"Shawn was The Jacuzzi man..."

His secret formula towards a good time would consist of girls, more girls & pouring loads & loads of shampoo into The Jacuzzi.

  One night, the bubbles got so high that they spilled over into the swimming pool.  Gosh!  Those were some great Vegas nights.   Somewhat cold outside, but nice & hot in The Jacuzzi. -GEOhype, Alaska  



Shawn's Mental Note: The Jacuzzi + Girls + More Girls + Shampoo = FUN! FUN! FUN!

LV The Beach Shawn & Emma.jpg (23492 bytes) LV Jacuzzi Shawn & Kylie.JPG (24501 bytes) LV Shawn's Dinner HALF.jpg (24870 bytes)
Shawn & Emma Andrews of England
@ The Beach nite club
Shawn & Kylie Muir of England
in The Jacuzzi @ The LVBP!
Shawn, the relief chef,
makes dinner 4 the hostel


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