The Jacuzzi.



All the smiles you will see are for so many obvious reasons.

  1: That warm vibration in The Jacuzzi...  Is it hitting that special spot?  Does it feels good?

2: The slippery soap and bubbles that cloud The Jacuzzi...  Yeah, your guess is as good as mine.  Wondering who is that tickling your feet is all you can do.
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"Still, my mind continues 2 ponder."

Why are they still laughing?  Maybe they are laughing because they just got splashed with water...  Or, maybe they're laughing in response 2 the splash war, that's about 2 begin.  Well, I am outta here.  Grabbing my beer & my shampoo.  I got my lady & my friend.  We'll be in The Jacuzzi.  I'll see you there. -Shawn Trotman, USA

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Shawn Trotman of Boston, having the time of his life.
Quote By: Shawn Trotman of Boston

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E-mail: Fernandude of Mexico
Quote By: Bob Weir, American Songwriter


Quote Elspeth Crilly.jpg (20830 bytes) Elspeth Crilly of England relaxes in the heated pool
Quote By: Elspeth Crilly, UK



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Unknown English girl with Devo Steve, The Kiwi Chef, in the background. Shawn Trotman of Boston aka Mr. Bubbles shows Kylie Muir of England a good time. Sarah of Colorado & a couple (Finland & Argentina) kisses in the background.


Caroline Heal of England was the 1st person photographed in: "The Viva, Lost Wages Project"


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