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I must admit, my 1st impression of The Las Vegas Nightlife wasn't a really good one @ all.  However, after being here 4 almost 2 brilliant years, I have grown into this all night psychedelic phase of "raving 'til dawn" & saying good morning 2 everybody around 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon.  Trust me when I say: "Las Vegas is the true city that never sleeps!"

Don't expect any club 2 get hoppin' until sometime after midnight.  One night, I received a phone call from this magazine & they asked me 2 meet them @ The Beach around 3am.  Yeah, I had my doubts @ first, but I showed up anyway & surprisingly 2 me;

"The night was young, with no end in sight."



The Beach


Studio 54

The Karaoke Bar

The Pub & Brewery

The VooDoo Lounge

The Piano Bar

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