Hi Geo-

I just re-read your [ biography ] on your web site & saw a lot of myself in what you wrote.

I love the fact that you lock yourself in a little office at [ The OBI ] just spaces out & create all this cool sh*t that I have
been browsing through on the web site.  You have found a way of capturing the life I have lived the past 4 years.  It hurts
my head just thinking about it all.  I have seen, experienced & been part of the greatest & most beautiful way of living
by travelling all around the world.  All that time, for all those years in all those great places...


"I had either a crappy $20
point & shoot, or a disposable
fun saver camera."

Two months ago, when I went into the pawn
shop & bought my SLR camera for the mere sum
of $170 - I did it with the dream of finally
being able to compose all those photos,
I always see in my mind.

Self portrait Linda Moes of Denmark  |  San Diego, California

"What drives me, why I do it?  I don't know.  I just feel like I have to."

I carry my camera everywhere I go & when you look at my photos, you will not be able to see
a pattern of style or order.  I guess if you look at my life, you will see the same thing.  My greatest pleasure for
a long time was just riding my bike around town.  I had my camera on my back, ready to be shot if my eyes fell
upon something beautiful.  When I take my photos, I use the same  freedom that travelling brings me.
When all is impulsive, new & free, that's when the perfect thought appears to me.

  They saw the spirit my travels brought into their lives...
Moving Sale
It tells me where I am...
Neon Lights
This is not a pretty way of presenting it...
Ghetto Fabulous

Photographs & Text By: Linda Moes, Denmark  |  Web Site: www.LindaMoes.com