Hey Geo,

I just had a look on your (web) page & I think I fully understand your project, since our last few minutes
at The OBI.  We talked a lot about it & I was fascinated by what you were telling me...


"I especially liked the
phrases made by people from
all over the world.  They're of
deep sense & reflect a totally
different kind of life..."

Grand Canyon

Viva, Las Vegas

We had a great road trip, but honestly, I enjoyed the time at the hostels the most.  This road trip impressed me in a way I didn't
expect it to be.  I met a lot of people in San Francisco, on the way to Los Angeles & especially in San Diego.  They all had this
'hype' in common.  This living in an extreme way.  Live life to the limit or no limit at all.  Making themselves only dependant
upon their own decisions.  I like that.  Now that I'm back at college, I really feel like I am in the wrong place...

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