Hi Geo!

I was watching The PHOTOhype lately & thinking about how much I envy what you are doing.  I envy the fact
that you found your destination & now you're off to Europe to write a new chapter in your life.  I'm back at school,
studying for exams & trying to close every unfinished chapter in my life, before I am able to travel again...


I envy that feeling of freedom - the passion & the emotions.
I envy all those mornings when you wake up, knowing
that something amazing will happen to you & when you
go to sleep, thinking it was a wonderful day.

I envy the fact that you discovered your talent.
That you know what you want to do in your life,
while I'm still looking or rather I knew what I wanted to
do, but I was afraid.  I wanted to be a psychologist...

"To cure a human soul is
even more difficult than to cure
a human body..."


Medicine has some rules, but the human soul is more unpredictable than a body.  I am thinking about that dream
almost constantly right now & I think that I am ready. 
"There is nothing more amazing than a human soul!"  If you
want to see something really beautiful, just take a look deep down into it. 
Talking about souls, yours is really worth
looking into.  I'm sure of that by looking through your pictures at the way you see the world.
-Ania Wechmann, Poland

Written By: Ania Wechmann, Poland  |  Location: San Diego, California  |  Photograph By: GEOhype, Alaska