Photographs of an Unwritten Future
The Dream

photographs from Bruges, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium

One Cheesy Czech Town.  Photographs of Olomouc, Czech Republic.  Written by: David Farley, USA.  Photographed by: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska for Student Traveler Magazine
Olomouc, Czech Rep.

photographs from the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam, Holland
Amsterdam, Holland

I have spent the last ten years with European travellers, yet I still have no
strong desire to see [ Big Ben ] or Denmark's little mermaid.  I've seen the Eiffel
Tower & [ medieval backdrops ] while running a muck in Vegas.  I know it's
not the real thing, so don't look down upon what I say.  Everybody knows
I didn't spend two years in Las Vegas photographing the casinos.

I came to Europe to meet the people.

That's something I never really saw advertised in America.  Yeah,
I'll photograph some [ other stuff ] as well.  However, just imagine the
possibilities we could create for each other & for the people of Europe, if
we all decided to photograph the people.  Your people. [ Your friends ].
Your life.  Your [ postcards ] will look a lot different. Guaranteed.

I believe we all belong somewhere in the big scheme of things &
[ together, we can make a difference ].  Otherwise, we're just ants in
this world, all alone & [ standing on the shoulders of giants ].

photographs from sleeping overnight in London's Stansted Airport
London Airport

A Pocket Full of Phonenumbers...  Goteborg, Sweden
Göteborg, Sweden

Lost in Krakow - written & photographed by: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska for Packed Magazine's Spring 2007 issue
Krakow, Poland

Visions of The End Dream...
End Dream