Hey Geo, I think we never was
a couple & we
never will be one.  I like
it.  I like how it is now.

"Not the right time, not
the right place & last but not
least, not the true feelings!"

Franziska's friends in Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Rolling on a Swiss Train


I always will feel a lot for you & our "real" friendship!  Thanks for the photographs.  I really like them, especially
that one of me on the train & you know that means a lot!  Lots of kisses from Jenni & the other girls.  They always ask
me about you & your plans.  I hope you know you are always welcome here in Switzerland & not only at my place:-)

Backpacker: Franziska Graf, Switzerland  |  Location: The Swiss Alps, New Years Day  |  Photo By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska