It's Christmas day over here in Europe
& my Swiss friends are tossing me around

like a hot potato.  It's perhaps one of
the most bizarre stories ever t

"Coming 'home' to a land I
have never seen before, yet all
my friends have been here..."



Everyday, since I left the USA a month ago, a different e-mail from my Swiss friends sat in my
inbox.  None of them knew each other, until now & to be able to watch all my Swiss friends, become
friends is what drives me further & further into the very heart of this project zone.
-Geo D. Oliver, Alaska

Swiss Friends: Tanja Scheidegger, Reto Langenegger, Martina Jung, Franziska Graf, Rahel Vogel, Jennifer Rindlisbacher & André Frick
Location: Franziska's apartment in Frauenfeld, Switzerland  |  Photograph By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska