"Geo, I know this may sound
unbelievable & somewhat rude,
but I miss your stories more
than I miss you..."

I miss how you told me about your day,
what you saw & all your new ideas.
for showing me The Casbah Tea House &
all the cool places in Tucson!  So, Geo, tell
me a story.  Only a short one, okay?


Franziska in Europe
In a recent e-mail I received, Franziska mentioned that this picture is one of the only pictures
of herself that she likes.
  Naturally, I answered: "So, what made you feel comfortable enough 2 let me capture this photo?"  Her reply "...because I started to trust you."  is something I will cherish a
lot more than the measly $10 dollar bet that brought us together.
-GEOhype, Alaska

Backpacker: Franziska Graf, Switzerland  |  Location: Tucson, Arizona   |  Photographs By: GEOhype, Alaska