The last thing I wanted to do before I got
to Olomouc, a town in the north-eastern part of
the Czech Republic, was eat cheese that
reeked of unwashed feet.

"The stench of Olomouc Cheese
had etched a permanent warning on
my brain that read stay far,
far away!"

But there I was, in a village just outside
the historic university town, in a museum dedicated
to the planet's stinkiest milk derivative.  A friend in
Prague once bet me to eat some.  I lost.  My mission,
I decided, was to finally fulfill the dare.

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Inside, a video in Czech took us through 400 years of the cheese's history, showing courageous
women loading the silver-dollar-size cakes of cheese from the conveyor belt to the basket while the triumphant
soundtrack of 'Chariots of Fire' played in the background.  The Germans on the tour looked as mystified as I was.
After being unleashed in a room that displayed ancient cheese-making instruments, the line at the gift shop was
out the door (it must have been the music).  Rather than wait, I was back on the road, not a scent of
cheese on my breath, Olomouc's tall spires towering before me.

Written By: David Farley of New York City, NY  |  Location: Olomouc, Czech Republic  |  Photographs By: GEOhype, Alaska
Photographed while on assignment for StudentTraveler Magazine  |  Web Site: