Long time old friend...

  Yes, it's me, Stoly - "the one who got lost on his journey".  However, I have met some of the best people
in my life traveling & I take a little bit from
everyone of them with me.  I treasure it like nothing else in the world!
  "Everyday, I try to make myself
a better & stronger
person, by opening
my eyes to see things differently."

I have changed a lot since I left Norway almost
3 years ago. I can thank the people I've met for that,
especially Emma, Ben, Anthony & Virginia Hawkins.

Virginia Hawkins

Emma Andrews
Ben C. Danielsen
Anthony Traynor

I never imagined that there was even  a person like Virginia in the world.  Sometimes, I think she's the craziest person
I have ever met & sometimes she can seem like the only person in the world that has a real head on her shoulders...

Geo, don't ever give up on your dreams.  Don't ever stop taking those photos, because like you said once:
"PHOTOhype is more than just a web site...  It's who I am!".  If it is true that people have a calling in life, then it is your calling
to photograph the world thru the people you meet.
  I kid you not, Geo, you have taken the best moments of my life (& many others)
& made it immortal.  It is just amazing to look at your web site!  Every time I feel down, or just feel a little bit lonely, I get on
the net & spend hours just looking at your photos, stories & everybody else who wrote for your project...

3 Musketeers

Karaoke Bar

BBQ Party

The Stoly Show

The Beach

"We all have bad days & I certainly do.  But, I always tell myself it's okay, because I have
friends that care about me & when you have that, you have everything!"

I am not a man with many words, I never was.  Just wanted to say take care of yourself, Geo...
You are the only one that makes me look good on a photograph, thank you!


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