The Stoly Show

"Stoly was this Norwegian guy who
would talk his @ss off.  He could sit
with you at a party & make you forget
that you were even there..."


Stoly could transport your mind from the party & shower you with so much love, that you'd think you were sitting
down with Mr. Right, in the flesh.  The funny thing is, Stoly never knew he was doing it - it was just part of his character.
Out of the 3 of us, Stoly was the worst, because his girls always came back.  Mine always had boyfriends, so they would
write me off on their taxes as "Vegas fun" & John could care less about his girls & in the end, the girl knew that.

Stoly of Norway & Lauren of South Africa  |  Stoly's Bon Voyage Party @ The Pub & Brewery Night Club  |  Photo By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska