Update:  The Grand Opening party rocked!

142 photographs made The Vegas Gallery!  Thanksgiving dinner
was delicious! Ståle's gone. Gins is back! The Pub & Brewery Night Club
at The Monte Carlo kicked ass! The hostel was full, the music was jumpin'
& there was a handful of Norwegian & Swedish girls with no guys to
dance with! Fellas, it's time to wake up & come to The LVBP


Thursday: The party kicks off with Thanksgiving dinner, a glass of wine & the opening of the gallery.  Thereafter, one of our famous in-house theme parties will take place, alongside the first Drunken Chess tournament & a night at The Venetian Hotel to witness a performance by the 70's disco band: The Boogie Knights!

Friday: We'll continue the celebration, by taking you down The Vegas Strip to experience some of the wild night life at The Pub & Brewery inside The Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino.   Party on till the break of dawn, we'll prove to you that Las Vegas is the true city that never sleeps.

Saturday: Nights entertainment is one of pure style.   In a true LVBP tradition, loads of FREE beer will be flowing at The Karaoke Bar.

Sunday: The Missing Link returns to Los Angeles.   The rest of us will be playing soccer, watching movies, drinking more beer & chilling out in The Jacuzzi.