After a hype snorkeling trip to the coral reefs in Key West, Florida, Lena & I decided to kill some time.  We were on the Holiday Island, waiting for the Flamingo tour bus 2 pick us up, again.  

Lena wanted 2 teach me how 2 sound like an owl, by putting my hands together & blowing.

  "It didn't work, however, I enjoyed
watching her so much that I decided to
make this picture instead..."

Her eyes poked up above her shades, while her mouth continued 2 blow.

  Photo By: Daniela Niederreiter, Austria  
GH Austria Lena 6.jpg (36694 bytes)  

I love this picture because of the richness & saturation of  all the colours.  This photograph will forever remain in my head, because it serves as a keepsake of such a great day snorkeling.  Lena's blue bandana, which is now lost, and of the funny sound she produced all day, symbolizes the pure uniqueness & character of my friend, Magdalena Fitz.


Daniela Niederreiter
Team Austria

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Photo By: Magdalena Fitz

The PHOTOhype Project, Est. 1997
Written By: Daniela Niederreiter

Team Austria