This was the hostel's historic $525 BBQ party, as well as Tracy Martin's first weekend with us.
Tracy's first impression of the hostel was so good that he wanted to throw us a party...

Nobody predicted it would be that big.  Stoly,
the manager, was on a spiritual high & floated
around the pool with the digi-cam.

"The energy surrounding that
BBQ party generated a SOCIALhype
so good, that it didn't matter what
I focused my lens on..."

Every shot & moment was gonna be a good one.  Alex, the master BBQ chef, quotes himself from afar: "I fell so
in love that night...". 
At first, Alex thought we bought too much food.  Steaks, seafood, salad, king prawns, chicken,
hot dogs & so forth...
  Hm, funny enough, 80 hungry hostellers proved Alex wrong. -Geo D. Oliver, Alaska

Alex Roumi of Canada
Virginia Hawkins of Australia
Gins & Friends
Marta Collins of Australia
Stine & Geo!
Stine & Geo!
Stale Knutsen of Norway

Written By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska  |  The LVBP! in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photographs By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska