There is something magical about the swimming pool @ The LVBP!

It's in the center, so it's pretty much the heart of the hostel.  Kinda like a focal point, where people
can sit, chat or listen to some
kickin' tunes during the day & party at night.
-Justin Lyons, UK

  From our heavy hitting: "Naked Scottish Girls in The Pool"
PHOTOstory, 2 a few unforgettable nights with Donnell, Big Chief
& Alex during: "The Splash Wars @ The LVBP!"
, the swimming
pool has generated more energy & life 2 the hostel
that neither
words or a photograph can fully explain.

"The flowers were in full bloom, the
backpackers began spending endless nights,
chillin' by the swimming pool, the mercury
began rising & the wind...  Akin only to a
hairdryer kickin' in."
-Emma Andrews, UK

   Sarah Mullen of Seattle holds her breath, while going under
All Photographs By: Erin Deboard of Seattle

Kieran Smith

One afternoon, Photographer: Erin Deboard of Seattle took a disposable underwater camera
& created the brilliant images featured on this page.  If you look close enough, you might be able
2 hear the laughter in each photograph.  Kieran, Miguel, Erin & Sarah all lived the life &
experience the energy & feelings of something I call: The Hype!
-Geo D. Oliver, Alaska

Miguel Jorda

Kieran Smith

Erin Deboard

Kieran & Sarah


The PHOTOhype Project, Est. 1997
Written By: Various Backpackers
Photographer: Erin Deboard
Team USA