The day after the night before...

Geo took Michaela, Andy & I along the graffiti-carved rocks of Ocean Beach.

  I was knackered & craving a sofa, but
my mind was photo hungry.
  We were after this
silhouette shot in
front of the spray of waves
that exploded against the cliffs.

"We were three SLR's &
a video camera."

"Looks like it's going to be a big one!" -famous
last words from a now-drenched Geo.

GEOhype    Andy Symons    Claire Lincoln    Michaela Audrin  |  Photo By: GEOhype, Alaska

It was the perfect end to the perfect trip.  Wrapping up our Californian tour in "the last hippie stronghold in America".
Where ever the sun shines, there are waves & a free spirit is the only kind to have.  We realised that this wasn't a one off
special day, but that life could be lived at this speed forever...  Nothing faster than the morning skate to work.

Brian Applebaum of San Diego, California
The Artist
the perfect end to a perfect day in Ocean Beach, California
Perfect End
...the way called Geo's biography
Andy Simmons of Wales
Andy Simmons & Claire Lincoln of Wales
Andy & Claire

Written By: Claire Lincoln of  South Wales  |  Photographs By: Claire Lincoln & GEOhype, Alaska