"My spirits were pretty high on Christmas Eve."

After a lot of years without snow, we were finally gonna have a white Christmas in Holland.

  That evening, I drove to my girlfriends house in Delft.  It was extremely dark & the falling snow lightened by the beams of my car, were wicked  & pretty spectacular to see...

"It was as if I was driving
through a narrow tunnel with
no end in sight..."

What really caught my attention, was the lights of the cars coming towards me on the other side of the road.

GH B@s Night Lights.jpg (55897 bytes)  
  I thought I was reliving a scene in a scary movie or something.  Without any further hesitation, I took my camera and shot some photos while driving.  By far, the results were gonna be totally unpredictable.  When I saw my prints appear in the darkroom - I was delighted & very much relieved.  The feelings I felt that night matched the feelings I get whenever I look into this photograph...  [ Don't Lose Your Light! ]  

B@s de Meijer
Team Holland


Bas de Meijer 3.jpg (15098 bytes)

Photo By: Luc Jacobs


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