Steffen is a party animal, like most Danes I have met, he loves to have fun.  That's all there is to it.  I've
heard other people described as party animals, but they never really live up to the image in a truly original way.
By all means, Steffen's in a class of his own.  Where ever he went, the party followed...


His Nike swoosh tattoo reflected his character
to a tee.
  "Just Do it!" - yeah, that's him.

   "His circus boy antics
of breathing fire, juggling sticks
doing handstands, back flips, jumping
through hoops & the likes, made
the hostel come to life."


GH Emma & Stef 6.jpg (46660 bytes)

Steffen Leonhard, Denmark with Emma Andrews, England
Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photo By: Emma Andrews, UK


Steffen never walked, he ran.  He never frowned, he only laughed and smiled with every breath.  His boundless energy
was such a brilliant therapy for anyone who thought they wanted to sleep...  No way!  Not with Steffen around.

Steffen reminded me how to have fun again, something it appeared that I had forgotten.  He arrived at a time when I
was more than ready to leave Las Vegas.  All the ritz & glamour had finally begun to drain me, but Steffen changed all
of that.  Admittedly, I did neglect my work for awhile, but The LVBP was still standing & I now have some wicked
memories of my time there.
  Anyway, I can't hang around for long.  I have some things to pack.   I'm off to
Denmark in the morning.  Steffen, I'll see you very soon... 
"Skål for satan ned med lådet!"

Written By: Emma Andrews, England  |  Location: Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photograph By: Emma Andrews, England