Hi Geo!

When I got on that plane from Vegas, I had tears in my eyes.  It wasn't the thought of going home that had me in an
emotional dilemma, nor was it the thought of leaving The LVBP - love it as I do, it was definitely my time to go...


I don't think I really know what it was.  I don't like to cry for loss, my tears are best kept for joy.

"However, this time around, my
feelings were a little mixed.  What I
do know is that there are certain people
I miss like crazy which has never
happened to me before..."


(except for one little episode which you know only too well).  I have no doubt I will see them again, it's just strange
to not be around them every day.  One thing that really impressed me was that the minute Sam & Sarah came home, they
both jacked in their jobs & are currently planning to head to Australia.  They would've never done it, if it weren't for
The LVBPI know that's true, because I had tried to persuade her for ages before & she was so adamant that she
had a career to follow.  All I had to do was to get her over to The LVBP & now, she has a whole
new perspective on life & the magic behind hostel travelling...

"You see, even though the name & the basic markers of The LVBP have
gone from sight, everything is still there in spirit.  The LVBP lives on, even
for those who are experiencing it under another disguise!"

Written By: Emma Andrews, England  |  Location: Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photograph By: GEOhype, Alaska