Leaving The LVBP!

Wow, what a powerful phrase.  After pretty much 2 amazing years of being here, I can't believe The PHOTOhype Project is moving on.
Ben C. Danielsen of Norway told me that this day would come & he also mentioned that it would a hard thing 2 do.

"Just wait until you try 2 go, it'll be next 2 impossible!" -Ben C. Danielsen, Norway

When I think about my time here in Vegas, I can't help but 2 think about all the people I met, especially the staff members @ the hostel,
who created the lifestyle known 2 all as The LVBP!  For a long time, I thought The LVBP was a hostel in Vegas, near The Fremont Street Experience.
I later realized that The LVBP was the collective spirit of world travellers - different by nature, yet similar in thought.

Tracy's BBQ Party

Funny.  Jules Lund of Australia once quoted The Hype 2 be something of the same nature.  Is that
an ironic twist of fate that the 2 would meet?  I think so.  I also think it's sad that the 2 didn't see eye 2 eye
on a lot of subjects, which caused the 2 powerhouses 2 turn its back on the other.

The LVBP was a social blend of inspiration 4 those on the go.  From stranger 2 forever friend, the travellers
of The LVBP lived the life & experienced the energy & feeling of something I call: The Hype!

The Karaoke Bar

A few months ago, I went out on my 1st solo road trip & landed just north of the Mexican border in a small town
called Tucson, Arizona.  It was there that I found true inspiration & a new direction 4 The PHOTOhype Project.
Sylvie Demandre of France once wrote that: "we are millions of people with thousands of stories...".

It amazes me on how much hidden beauty there really is in this world.  My final thoughts about The Viva, Lost Wages
?  Hm, good question.  I feel there is still so much potential power just sitting there, doing nothing.  However, all
the giggles...  All the sunshine...  Everything, including The Hype & The LVBP, has now left the building...

Casino Night

"...loads 2 do & sh*t 2 pack.  Vegas is over as far as I am concerned." -Don Lydon, Ireland


Editorial 4 Summer, 2001:
Maud Renggli: Everyone is a photographer


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