It's around 5pm on a lazy Saturday afternoon & I am sipping on some homemade Chai Tea during one of my final visits to
The Casbah Tea House.  Soon, I'll be back @ The LVBP & I'm wondering what my mind is gonna be like...

  • Gosh!  I'm gonna miss this place.  I'm gonna miss all the local artists, hippies, photographers & of course all the natural beautiful women I saw in this town!  I'm really gonna miss The Casbah Tea House, bowling @ The Lucky Strike on Thursday night & my late night Internet chats with Scott Christensen from New York City.  The Plush night club & the rockabilly scene surrounding The Hotel Congress was simply amazing.  The Sabino Canyon hike with Saphyr was nice & bumping into Allison & Nicole from Alaska was an act of pure brilliance.

  • Throwing tator tots & late night @ The Grill was an interesting way to start my adventure & joining The P.O.P. Photography Group's PHOTOfight to save The CCP (Center for Creative Photography) was a great way to finish off my two weeks stay.  On Valentine's Day, I will be heading home.  It's best that I hit the road on the 14th, because Valentine's Day can be very vicious if you are all alone or if your Painted Heart is nowhere to be found.

  • I'm sorry, true believer.  I just didn't have enough funds, time & fire power to photograph this trip.  However, there's a lot of hidden beauty & talent in Tucson that I feel isn't being advertised well.  Then, again, maybe that's how they like it.  I was asked to put my camera away during an overnight campout in the desert with a bunch of gypsy's, a bon fire & a spiritual drum circle that lasted well into the night.  Louise & I fell asleep on the hood of my car, underneath the stars, a few constellations & the spirit of GOD.

  • There was a huge Gem show in town & I managed to scam a pass into the heavily armed event, which was open to dealers & buyers only.  I didn't spend that much time @ The Gem Show, however, it totally amazes me on how priceless a rock can be.   Beautiful Sapphires, Crystals, minerals & Ruby's of all shapes, sizes & colours. (web site:

  • Today, I took a walk thru an abandoned meat locker & uncovered a ton of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup's.  They were scattered throughout the basement, as this photographer, Megan Valantdas, told me about her involvement with the non-profit organization: The Union of Art & Healing Local No. 8.  Megan teaches photography to the under privileged kids.  She taught them pin-hole photography, in which all you need is a box & photographic paper.  They are having a big arts & crafts auction on February 17th, which will also be their grand opening.  There will be live music, poetry, dancing & an ARTshow, all in support of their urban community, working class, "houseless persons" & other gifted individuals.   (119 E. Toole in downtown Tucson.  5to0.623.5808)

  • Allison, it was nice to see you again!  It's so funny how fast time flies.  It seems like it was only yesterday, when we met in Alaska, back in the spring of 1993.   It seems like it was only yesterday, when we said good-bye to each other during Tales of The Hype!  Year 6.  Good luck with Jeremy & the marriage, because somehow, I found myself in a world where I just don't have time for that type of commitment.  A big sorry to those who I have hurt in the past...

Well, true believer, it's getting kinda late & I am feeling the urge to shoot something wonderful.  I think I'll go check out The ARTshow
inside The Living Room
, just to see who's there.  Gosh!  I am really gonna miss this place.  The city of Tucson & the spiritual enlightenment that
was found @ The Casbah Tea House inspired a better vision for the future of this web site, as well as The PHOTOhype Project.


"There is so much hidden beauty in the world
& all I wanna do is dig it up!"