Today seemed as if I was the only guy not holding any flowers,
chocolates or long stem roses wrapped in plastic sleeves.

  I sat at my desk, trying not to dwell upon old memories
of past loves & relationships that are nowhere to be found.
It didn't work.  Of course, I thought about Valentine's
Day & the only "true" Valentine I ever had;

"She was only 7yrs. old
when we 1st met, back in cold
Alaska, of the year 1994."

Her name is Zara of Bulgaria.  A brief story about her
is still posted somewhere on this web site.  I believe this hyper-link
is the only entrance to Zara's page, seeing that I pretty much
destroyed 'the old site' which featured some navigation bars.


Anyway, I met Zara at Kinko's Copy Center, while creating The Painted Heart Poster.
Like everything else in my life, it was a weird time for me.  I wrote a very touching poem for
all you faithful PHOTOhype readers, which is featured on the poster itself...

Ordinary hearts come & go...
And there are few that leave something to show.
A story to sell, or perhaps, a love segment to tell.
But, no matter how far you drift apart...
You'll always find the truth,
inside of:  "
The Painted Heart"