I've always dreamed about being a photographer!

In Boston, I took  my heavy yellow suitcase on the beach, planted some sunflowers by night on a traffic circle, jumped down a hanging bridge (www.bungy.ch) & even spent an entire afternoon in a PHOTObooth in Zürich.  Then one day in March, I landed in Las Vegas, where I learned to open my mind.  I met this photographer named Geo! who said unto me:

"Everyone is a photographer, Maud!  Just shoot something!"

I followed his advice in the streets of New York City, in the middle of nowhere in a hostel in Georgia & even on the road, when I saw my cars reflection on a tire wheel.  I just pushed the shutter button on my camera and "It was like a game, I couldn't stop!  One idea brought on another one".

It was during this time that  I realized that the people you meet are also building your trip!  I could talk about Marion Brevet and her theory about "the conspiracy of the universe ", or the pleasures I had when I talked to Polish, Japanese & Irish people.  So stupid I was to keep one's distance.

Photographer: Robert Hengl of Austria quoted "Life is like an orange... ".  I'd like to add: "Share a piece of it with your neighbor!"


Editorial 4 Spring, 2001:
Linzi Williams: My Summer Down Under