Australia, 2001!

I've got an old pair of hiking boots & a nifty looking camera Geo gave me last summer in Vegas.  I'm not sure on what I am gonna shoot or who I will meet, so there's a possibility that I'll end up doing the touristy thing & climb Ayres Rock or chase down a bunch of Kangaroo's.  

Maybe I'll finally get a chance to meet the infamous Jules Lund of Australia.  I still remember responding to the group e-mail: "A Red Light Flickers", asking this Melbourne born world traveller to visit me during his stay in The UK.  I know he did really well off of that group e-mail, because it was all the response letters he received that inspired us to build The web site.

At any rate, here I come!  Jules or no Jules, I am still gonna have some fun!

I get into Melbourne on the 11th of July & you Australians won't be getting rid of me until September That gives me quite a few weeks to track some people down, shoot some photographs & learn how to play a Didgeridoo.

Until then, just sit back, free your mind & enjoy the ride...


PhotographerLinzi Williams, The Magazine

Your Life is a Story,
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