The HB Goggle Crew.


Trend setters, fashion fads & a pair of spaced out goggles is all that is needed 2 describe the goggle mania that lived down at The Surf City Hostel
in Hermosa Beach, California.  It all started with that crazy Aussie Jules Lund & his bizarre looking shades...  I hated them!

Then came a short trip 2 Venice Beach, where I found these cool looking goggles.  Jules & I bought a pair
& sported them later on that night at the local hit spot, Sharkeez!  The night pretty much played out like a cheesy
episode on a sit-com.  Everybody kept asking us about our goggles.  The girls were flirting & the guys were
trying 2 borrow them.   Before one could say "dowhatchalike", the night belonged 2 us.

Jules, engulfed by all the ladies & a white cowboy hat, stood high & ol' mighty on a bar stool, commentating some drunken guys' exit of the club.  His
goggles floated from guy 2 guy, girl 2 girl & finally ended up on some dude, who was instantly fueled with courage & picked up the ladies attention.  I was
primarily on the dance floor & only parted with my goggles once...  It was 10x's better than your average dose of liquid courage (alcohol), it was The Hype!

"Goggles Up" is the coolest way 2 wear your goggles.  "Goggles Down" is the laid back approach & "Goggles On" only happens if you
are like Scottish traveller Kjarten Behm in the Fiji Islands, or on the rollercoaster rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain...


Goggles Jason Evers.JPG (15024 bytes)         Goggles Jason Dickson.JPG (15996 bytes)        Goggles Fat Matt.JPG (12754 bytes)

Jason Evers, Jason Dickson & of Australia


Goggles Laetitia.JPG (16523 bytes)

Laetitia Maltese of France

Goggles Henrietta.JPG (18765 bytes)

Henrietta Steyn of South Africa

Shannon snowboard 1.JPG (16226 bytes)

Shannon McHugh of Michigan


Goggles Johan.JPG (20139 bytes)

Johan Dahlbeck of Sweden

Goggles Emilie.JPG (15348 bytes)

Emily of France


Paul Gee.JPG (14699 bytes)

Photographer: Paul Gee of Australia

Goggles Crew Shot.JPG (23076 bytes)

Paul, Jason E., Jason D., Matt & Darren


GEO Big Bear Spyderman.JPG (21351 bytes)

Photographer: GEOhype of Alaska

The Infamous: Jules Lund of Australia