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Jenny Smillie oversees the walls' greatness @ The Hoover Dam
Photo By: Kim Dedman of Australia


Scooter Shmooter
Written By: Jenny Smillie of Australia

Once there was a little girl named Mini-me (AKA Kim) who decided she wanted to hire a scooter to cruise the streets of Las Vegas. I really couldn't be bothered due to the fact that I was passing out with the heat and had to get to the swimming pool @ The LVBP, fast.  So off she went on her merry little way to hire a scooter. All you need is an international drivers license and a lot of guts, something I thought she had none of. The guy at the hire place laughed as she clumsily drove out onto the street (taking extra care that she drove onto the right side of the street). She hooned up and down "The Strip" in amazement at all the giant casino's and shopping malls.

Scooters only travel at approx. 65 miles per hour so for this reason your not aloud to take them on the freeway. Mini-me took a wrong turn and guess where she found herself. I only wish I was there to see mini-me on her bright yellow scooter, complete with stack-hat, and waving "hire me" flag at the back, cruising up the 5 lane freeway, cars flying past. She was in a lane then looked behind her and saw a pile of cars heading towards her at a fast pace, so she decided she'd better get out of the lane and just drive along the edge of the freeway.

Finally she came to an exit, so off she went, only to find herself in a strange and dingy part of town, shitting herself. She finally came across "The Strip". Happy again and having a ball, cruising down the middle lane of the street. 

Chug, chug.  Chug, chug. 

The scooter just stopped.  She pushed it off to the side of the road where she had to ask for help because she had no clue on how to start the damn thing. They had no luck so they called the scooter place who 20 minutes later arrived. Mini-me was furious because she was ten minutes late for a show. The scooter had "run out of gas". She promptly told the guy off and told him she wasn't paying for it and stormed off the hail a taxi. She missed the show.

NOTE: We later found out that she had been moving the throttle back and forth constantly instead of just holding it back. Do you think that may have caused the gas to run out????

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Jenny Smillie
Team Australia

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