Mike's Digi-Cam Experience.


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2 different days.  2 different highways.  Same F-ing Sh*t
Los Angeles, California


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"4 this price, we can get 2 bottles of Vodka!" - The Don


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"...as soon as The Kidd realized there was no alcohol, he was gone."



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"The Flirt" caught on the job!
Victim: Lara Hart of England

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"The Kidd" rides again!!!
Ocean Beach, California


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2 different days.  2 different highways.  Same F-ing Sh*t
The Jock's Bedtime Stories...  Coming Soon!


This page brought 2 you by:
Mike Andrews, The Don of all Don's

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Mike Andrews
Team England

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Photo By: GEOhype



Accommodations in Los Angeles & San Diego provided by: The Surf City Hostel, The USAhostels Group & The OBI Hostel

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