Q&A with "The Don"


A. Why is your Code Name "The Don"?
Has anyone got a problem with that?


B. What does your Quote: "Do it now, or don't do it at all" really mean?
Don't think about what you are or aren't going to do, the answer is always a simple Yes or No.


C. Why did you come on this trip?
Because I said YES!!!!!!!


D. What are your most memorable moments from this trip?
1.    Most the time "The Kidd" and I were pretty drunk, so I can't remember much, but The USAhostels in Hollywood ROCKED!!!

2.    One of the moments that had me a bit cautious was in Mexico when we got our car searched by 16yr. old guards with guns bigger than themselves.

3.    I think I must have done something memorable for Halloween, but again "The Kidd" and I were too wasted!

4.    Coyote Cals - I remember this place clearly because I was in relaxation heaven.  A secluded beach with the nearest trace of civilization an hours walk away.  There was plenty of  beer, beautiful sunsets and a very friendly guard dog named 'Mamacita'.



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