When I first met Michael,
I was hanging out near the front desk of
the hostel on a lonely Tuesday night.

Michael had this character grin on his face & some stylish wardrobes on his back.

"I can spot a hype-crusader,
a mile away..."

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LV Mike & Eleanor mPose.JPG (20760 bytes) 

Only a true Cowboy likes 2 play with dogs

LV Mike & Eleanor mDogs.JPG (22346 bytes)


LV Mike & Eleanor XXX.JPG (21196 bytes)         LV Mike & Eleanor Flirting 2.JPG (25317 bytes)

Hey Michael...  Is that a XXX magazine in your pocket or are you just flirting with the Michigan girls?


LV Mike & Eleanor Mirage.JPG (22428 bytes)         LV Mike & Eleanor V.Ceiling.jpg (25150 bytes)

Hanging out in front of The Mirage was fun, but the ceiling at The Venetian was spectacular!


LV Mike & Eleanor props.JPG (31145 bytes)         LV Mike & Eleanor NY 2.JPG (24227 bytes)

We had a great time in the magnet store & in front of New York, New York


LV Mike & Eleanor Sitting.JPG (25335 bytes)         LV Mike & Eleanor XXXbook.JPG (26654 bytes)

The Vegas Night Life is so awesome, however, Michael prefers the XXX magazines


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